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Canine fertility


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Canine fertility is extremely important, if we are fulltime or just hobby dog breeders we must educate ourselves and clients on the importance of steps and processes that must be completed and lead to successful artificial inseminations, semen analysis, chill semen preparation etc without the knowledge on canine fertility our % on a female becoming pregnant drops signifyingly this is also the case when collecting semen or shipping chill semen.

Canine fertility effectively opens our breeding program from relying on people inside our own country to use our services to opening our program/services to the rest of the world.

By becoming accredited on canine fertility with us at Master Breeder Academy you will have the exact knowledge you need to ship semen from UK/Ireland to almost anywhere in the world within 24hours.

The training on “Canine Fertility” is a 6/7 hour (one day) accredited course under the CPD Certification Service for Dog Breeders, Dog Owners and Animal Practitioners. Master breeder academy provides modern hands-on training on following modules –



After completion of this course, learners will obtain CPD accredited certificate on “Canine Fertility”.

We are focusing on following objectives of the program which are the major driving skills on Canine fertility.

  1. Problem solving/Applied reasoning
  2. Creative communication with logic and innovativeness
  3. Flexibility and adaptability
  4. Self-confident
  5. Practical skills/working with modern technological tools
  6. Research skill and awareness on ethical operations

Learners will be able to

  • Educate dog breeders the requisite knowledge on techniques, tips, and methods of canine fertility and reproduction
  • Have effective conversations and dialog with clients who are interested in dog breeding with effective fertility success
  • Understand how to address general or specific problems for higher fertility success rates
  • Get knowledge on how to work using modern tools
  • Analyze and know how to respond on need for action for urgent situation


To build professionals dog breeders to meet the requirements of canine fertility and reproduction


To provide basic knowledge on techniques, tips, and methods of canine fertility and reproduction, so as to improve their education on canine fertility.

To produce professionals so they can achieve higher fertility success rates in dog breeding, and provide a higher level of service to their clients and to help their own breeding with ethically adaptive, having capability in technological evaluation, interpretation with responsibilities for the 21st century to be successful in the world they will enter in the future encompassing on required professional qualities and ethical sense of responsibilities

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